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UltraSTEEL® Vineposts: An innovative approach to Viticulture

Our steel vineposts are known for their durability, outperforming traditional substitutes, such as wooden vine pickets and other alternative metal posts; it is our patented UltraSTEEL® process which enables our metal vineposts to remain at the forefront of the market.

This state-of-the-art process ensures that these unique agricultural steel profiles are up to 20% stronger, with up to 20% less raw material. As such, we can reduce the gauge to produce lighter, more environmentally friendlier and sturdier vineposts, which can lead to a longer lifespan for many applications, with an improved load carrying capacity. With a 7cm tag pitch, your secure UltraSTEEL® applications are resilient enough to withstand machinery impact, if such an impact were to occur.

Not only is the strength-to-weight ratio of our profiles second to none, our posts allow for increased stability once fitted into the ground and this is due to the greater surface area. Our distinctive rollforming process, coupled with our commitment to continuously invest in advanced manufacturing technology means that you will be provided with profiles with increased flexibility (the section will spring back into position when rotated as much as 180 degrees), with high quality, disease resistant steel, which will in turn, ensure that your crops are healthy.

With regards to the UltraSTEEL® process for vinepost production, the steel is rolled between two mating rolls on the rollforming line, creating a dimpled pattern across the surface. It is this dimpled effect and ‘work hardening’ which results in a much stronger product, delivering a firmer grip in the ground for enhanced stability. The minimal use of raw materials contributes towards efficient shipping and reduced transport related pollution, which means that our vineposts are both Stronger by Design as well as Greener by Design.

To learn more about the UltraSTEEL® process and how many of our customers are benefiting from this, click here to visit our UltraSTEEL® webpage.

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