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An Introduction to EWS Manufacturing - part of the Hadley Group

EWS Manufacturing is a West Midlands based specialist supplier of steel reinforcement sections, specifically for windows and doors.

EWS offices are based in Wolverhampton and in 2018, Hadley Group acquired the company to become a market leading manufacturer of steel reinforcement sections for windows and doors, adhering to our ongoing objective to provide innovative solutions within the construction industry across the UK and globally.

With Hadley Group’s Centre of Excellence situated at Downing Street, Smethwick, within close proximity to EWS, consistent communication and collaboration between the two sites has been essential in providing our customers with high quality steel profiles which are second to none. This is the result of the combined expertise of all staff at Hadley Group and EWS, along with increasing investment, talent acquisition, training and a commitment to thorough R&D by the business, in efforts to enhance its global footprint within the market.

EWS roll millions of linear metres every year for system companies and fabricators on a global scale, supplying most of the leading system companies, such as Veka, Epwin, HL and Deceuninck. We are committed to taking into consideration our customers’ tooling requirements, providing them with a tailored service to suit their needs, together with the specification and quality which they deserve.

We can supply various gauges, from 0.6mm up to 3mm, in various steel types (subject to minimum meterages). To learn more about EWS and how we supply the window and door markets, please feel free to contact us.

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